New Microgaming HQ Ready for Business

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In 2015, the new Microgaming headquarters started taking shape as construction went underway for the new “Sixty Two” building. Today and after 2 years, the new 5 story establishment has been completed, located directly across from the existing Microgaming offices. The new design includes a sky-bridge, giving employees access to the old building while over 100 new employees can setup their desks in the new block and enjoy the various activities Microgaming has added to the new building.

A visit to Microgaming’s new establishment provides a state-of-the-art experience as visitors are introduced to the software provider’s achievements, popular games, and images of their most loyal employees in the new reception area. The company also celebrates their Isle of Man home with a 360-degree periscope view of Douglas, combined to provide an exciting and contemporary layout for both employees and visitors.

The new office block was specifically designed with employees in mind, offering an environment where business is carried out seamlessly with 16 meeting rooms, phone booths, hot desks, multiple break areas, and more. In fact, Microgaming created a 4th floor to accommodate all communal requirements, including a fun area with dart boards, poker tables, snooker tables, a library, and a coffee shop that serves a unique Microgaming blend, which is exclusive to the new building. Furthermore, the company has also taken employee wellbeing into consideration, offering a full gym facility, and a studio for weekly fitness classes, all finished off with a roof-top garden that features breathtaking views of the island.

Microgaming CEO, John Coleman, commented that he’s very pleased to see the new “Sixty Two” building being opened. He claims it was designed after much consideration of their employees and what they require. He also added that the building was earned after many years of loyal contribution towards the success Microgaming has reached and that he simply can’t thank them enough. He went onto explain that Microgaming first came to Isle of Man in 2001 and only had 6 employees at the time. Today, they have 2 major buildings in the heart of Douglas, which is connected with an all-important skybridge. The CEO finished by explaining how incredibly proud he is of the achievements they’ve all reached together.

Microgaming's Skybridge

Microgaming has always shown devotion when it comes to sustainability, which is why the new building was designed with environmental considerations. In fact, the design and construction was completed with much involvement from the world’s leading environmental company, BREEAM, who assisted in creating the Sixty Two establishment in becoming the first Isle of Man building that has an “Excellent” rating from the company.

The new 45,000 square feet establishment was created to be energy efficient while managing waste at the same time. All the floors are equipped with “smart lighting” that automatically dims the lights accordingly, allowing for less usage. The new building also manages temperatures and the quality of air while recycling establishments have been created for each floor. In addition to this, the company focuses on smaller aspects of being more efficient, including the use of reusable cups at the coffee shop and fashioning furniture from unused building equipment.

New Jersey Welcomes New Online Casinos

Since in-state Online Casino gambling was legalized in New Jersey in November 2013, market revenue from the online gambling industry has increased 30% every year, and the online gambling market is booming. Legalization was primarily made in an effort to counter declining revenues from the brick-and-mortar Atlantic City casinos, and the legislation was proposed as early as 2011, but was opposed by the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Before the two new entries in the market, the New Jersey there were 14 online casinos available in The Garden State.

MGM Online Casino

MGM Grand Online Casino

By far the most intriguing new addition to the NJ online casino industry is the new launch of MGM Resorts International´s online casino. This is the first time that the super famous brick-and-mortar casino operator lends it´s brand name to online gambling, and expectations on playMGM as the casino is called, are very high. The new casino will offer the games of casino developer GVC, and will serve up a variety of slots, blackjacks, roulette, craps and video pokers. In the near future, the casino will also be able to offer a poker room, primarily offering Texas Holde’m tables.

The playMGM online casino opened for real money players last Tuesday, and if you are in New Jersey, you can play it either online of by downloading an app from Google Play or Apple App Store for you Android or iPhone respectively. The casino offers a $25 free play bonus and a 100% deposit bonus as part of their welcome package for new players.

Scores Casino

Scores Onlne Casino

The other company trying their luck on the NJ online casino scene might be a bit more surprising. It’s the strip club chain Scores that’s behind the new launch. The company was previously involved in Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, providing entertainment in said establishment, but the endeavor was short lived as the casino was sold and shut down.

Pala, a casino software developer and casino operator, already established in the NJ online market, will provide the games for the new venture, and will offer slots games, bingo, roulette and craps as well as different varieties of video poker. The casino will be the first online casino not connected to a brick-and-mortar casino operator, and it will be interesting to see how the will market themselves to local gamblers. The casino is available now via the Internet as well as on the more common mobile platforms.

The Future of NJ Online Gambling

Whether this new additions to the local market will actually expand the market, or whether the brands will cannibalize each other remains to be seen. The growth in the market has, as mentioned previously, been great, but how much more it can actually grow, and if New Jersey really has room for 16 online casinos, is up for debate. Several market experts seem to think that the online casino market is saturated. And as long as the Nevada federal monopoly on sports betting remains in force, the margins for growth are getting slimmer.


If you do not live in NJ you can click here for a list of online casinos that are available in your area

Russia Bans VPNs

VPN BanA new law has been passed in Russia to forbid the use of VPN´s – Virtual Private Network – for private citizens. The law will take effect on November 1st and is yet another blow to Internet freedom for Russian citizens. But aside from the law´s political implications it will also strike a hard blow to the country´s millions of Internet gamblers, who will no longer be able to access their favorite gaming sites, whether to play casino, poker or to bet on sports.

Online Gambling in Russia

During the era of the Soviet Union, gambling was completely outlawed by the Communist government, and the law was strictly upheld. After the fall of Communist Russia, gambling of all kinds became legal during the liberal years under Boris Jeltsin. After Putin took over, brick and mortar casinos were restricted to four different regions of the country, and Online Casinos were completely outlawed. Still, Russian gamblers have been able to circumvent the prohibition by using Virtual Private Networks, and the Online Casino market in the country is estimated to be worth 3 billion US dollars a year.

Internet Gambling and VPNs

A VPN is a service that masks your Internet presence, and allows you to be anonymous. In other words, you can sit in Russia and surf the net, while the servers will see you as a native user, i.e. surfing from a country that allows casino gambling. It can also encrypt your communications.

This technology can be used to access information that a government wishes to censor, but it can also be used to register and play at the online casino of your choice. Setting up a VPN used to be difficult and requiring the aid of IT professionals, but lately the market for easy-to-use web based VPN solutions has exploded, which is probably the reason that Russia has enacted this law.</P

Whether they’ll be able to enforce it remains to be seen, but the future looks bleak for online gambling in Putin´s Russia.