Playtech Buys Gaming Platform, BetBuddy

Playtech, one of the leading software developers of online casino games and software solutions, has announced it has acquired BetBuddy. BetBuddy is a leading online gambling platform that tracks potential problem gamblers. It works by tracking, recognising and modifying behavioural patterns, evaluating responsible gambling data, analytics, and develops creative solutions to identify and proactively prevent problem gambling events before they occur.

PlayTech buys Bet Buddy

The BetBuddy software uses revolutionary behavioural identification software which it has developed over the last five years with a multitude of different partners, from responsible gambling communities, educational experts through to machine learning experts. Playtech have been testing the BetBuddy analytics software throughout the year to test its function in the detection of at-risk gambling behaviour. The acquisition marks the end of a successful trial period and this software will now be fully integrated into the Playtech software.

Playtech Looks to ‘Future Proof’ Against Future Legislative Changes

The transaction, (financial details of which remain unknown), will help Playtech better face potential future regulatory challenges against online casinos as legislative bodies look to protect online casino players from developing problem gambling behaviours. Playtech’s purchase of BetBuddy continues development of their products in accordance with responsible gambling guidelines and regulations.

Safest Possible Environment for You to Play In

What does that mean for you, the online casino player? Put at its absolute simplest, the use of BetBuddy’s software integrated into that of Playtech’s is effectively is another efficient way in which online casino operators are continuing to evolve, dedicated to providing you with the safest and most secure environment in which you can gamble responsibly. Responsible gambling is fun gambling. Of course, fun being at the heart of why most of us play at online casinos.

Unparalleled Responsible Gambling Features

The BetBuddy platform, ‘Power Crunch’, is a next-generation responsible gambling data and behaviour analytics service. The data derived by the platform via machine learning is instantaneously fed to both operator and player. This permits the online casino provider to distinguish signs of problem gambling and therefore, intervene accordingly and respond in a scientifically measured way at the individually customised and appropriate level.

Players will receive tailored communications, such as choices of actions, plus further player protection features and tools. Both rules-based and machine learning models have been tested with the goal of better understanding and spotting at-risk actions earlier than ever before.

A partnership between BetBuddy and Playtech was announced back in August, aiming to work collaboratively to achieve these player protection goals. Now with the acquisition, it shows precisely how importantly Playtech value the software and concurrently, the welfare of their customers, after the successful test project period.

What Playtech Thinks

Playtech has made it no secret that by its purchase of the responsible gambling analytics solutions firm is part of a strategy to ‘acquire complementary technology’ that will extend its ‘software and services offering’. It has announced that BetBuddy’s innovations are now set to be consolidated into its own in-house IMS system in order to deliver an ‘industry-leading responsible gambling player management platform’.

Playtech gave notice that it trialled BetBuddy’s analytics software earlier this year by utilising its algorithms to detect at-risk behaviours. It has since proclaimed that the permanent integration of the BetBuddy technology into its own ‘data-driven approach’ will allow it to ‘take the next step’ in developing, deploying and curating its online casino content ‘in a sustainable manner’.

Ian Ince, Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Head for Playtech, described BetBuddy as;

“BetBuddy is the leading company in this field and has a team that has focused exclusively on developing an industry-leading Responsible Gambling solution. The strength of the product and the knowledge and experience that the team brings is unparalleled, and we are delighted to have completed this acquisition and to welcome them to the Playtech family”

Ince continued to emphasise the importance of fair and responsible gambling to Playtech and their online casino players;

“Responsible Gambling is a cornerstone in all Playtech’s offerings. This acquisition demonstrates our commitment to producing solutions and games that will enable Playtech and its customers to be the most responsive and responsible businesses in the industry.”

What BetBuddy Thinks

For their part, BetBuddy announced that for the past five years had seen it collaborating with the clinical, responsible gambling and machine-learning scientific communities in order to develop ‘a proven track record’ in the implementation of its patent-pending solution.

Simo Dragicevic, Chief Executive Officer for BetBuddy declared that;

“We are thrilled to have agreed terms with Playtech, the leading B2B supplier in the gambling industry. We look forward to working with the Playtech Compliance, Business Intelligence, and Game Development teams, in partnership with Playtech’s customers and wider industry stakeholders, to continue to help to raise standards in Responsible Gambling.”

About Playtech

Since its establishment in 1999, Playtech has become one of the industry leaders in gaming software development with almost 20 years of experience in the online gambling industry. The company places great emphasis on quality and playability which in turn, is taking online casino games to an unprecedented level.

Playtech’s success is largely built on the company’s strong partnership with its licensed online casinos as well as its determination to always provide nothing but the very best first-class gaming solutions for players.

Their most popular games are the 243-betting line online slots. They feature a host of bonus games, free spin rounds, video animations and many extra features complete with superb graphics. In this series, you’ll find world-renowned titles such as The Matrix, Age of the Gods, Gladiator, Beach Life, Thor and the rest of their excellent Marvel Universe series online slots.

Playtech Online Casinos & Sports Betting

Playtech casinos offer 500+ games, one of the largest selections offered by a single software provider. Playtech purely provides the games for its online partners. They don’t operate the casinos. Naturally, overall quality as in most other fields varies. Two of the very best Online Casinos that utilise the Playtech technology are William Hill Casino and Bet365 Casino. Obviously, they have one thing in common: top notch casino games.

Alternatively, as Playtech is one of the top software providers worldwide for high quality online sportsbooks, William Hill offers some of the best online sports betting you’ll encounter anywhere. Both online casinos offer great sports betting options on virtually every sport you can possibly imagine. Specifically, they do an excellent job for Canadians with a full range of North American sports betting options available such as NHL, CFL, NFL, MLB and NBA.

Canadian Online Casino Glossary A – Z

If you’re new to the world of online casinos and sportsbooks, it can often feel a little bit overwhelming. For some, there is a whole collection of new lexicon of Casino and betting terms to get your head around. It’s important that you understand the terms that are laid out in front of you.

You may be trying to wrap your head around the rules of a game, when the ‘gibberish’ language it is explained in doesn’t appear to make any sense to you. To make the process an easier one, we’ve prepared a glossary of the most frequently used terms in online casinos and sportsbooks.

As daunting as it may be, whether you’re placing a bet on your favourite NHL team at 888 or playing Live Video Poker at Jackpot City Casino, these simple explanations to some key terminology will soon have you on your way from merely deciphering the gibberish to becoming a professional player;

Accumulator:  (Sports Betting) A multiple bet that requires the player to place a single bet on the outcome of simultaneous games, sometimes even across different sports. In order for the player to win the bet, all of the selected outcomes must occur.

Action: The total of money wagered by a player during an entire playing session.

Add-on: (Online Poker), the facility to buy additional chips.

Ante:  (Online Poker) The obligatory bet that all players must stake in order to play the game.

Banker:  (Card games/Sports Betting) In a Card game, the Dealer is frequently referred to as the Banker – the person in charge of the bank. However, in Sports Betting, a Banker refers to the team/greyhound/horse/athlete etc. anticipated to win (i.e. a sure bet).

Bankroll:  (Online Casino) The total sum of money a player brings into the Online Casino and is content to play with.

Betting Limits: (Casino/Sports Betting) The minimum and maximum amounts of money that a player can wager on one bet. You cannot wager less than the minimum or more than the maximum amount (e.g. When playing an online slot, you will be allowed to place bets of certain coin denominations from a minimum up to a maximum bet).

Bonus: Money or Free Spins possibly given to you for free usually when signing up to an online casino or sportsbook.

Bonus Game:  (Online Slots) The Bonus Game is a special round within a Slot game that is often quite different from the central part of the game and usually gives players chances to win extra money.

Call: (Online Poker) to call is to match the current bet.

Croupier:  (Online Casino) A traditional name for a Dealer in popular table games at online casinos including Craps, Baccarat and Roulette. The term Croupier comes from the French meaning someone who supports the player.

Daily Promotions:  (Online and Sports betting) Promotions are updated daily to attract new players and provide perks for existing Casino and Sportsbook members. These can include limited competitions, special bonuses and exclusive tournaments.

Double Down:  (Online Blackjack) This term is used to indicate that the house is allowing you to make a second bet on a single Blackjack hand. After the additional bet, you will receive one more card.

eCOGRA: (E-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) eCOGRA is an independent body provides player assurance and online casino regulation by ensuring that approved online casinos deliver honest and professional service and are committed to player protection, fair gaming and responsible conduct. The eCOGRA logo is prominently displayed on aligned online casino sites.

Free Spins:  (Online Slots) Free Spins are an online slots feature that doesn’t require players to wager any money. Free spins may be offered either as part of a promotion or as a Bonus round within the game.

House Edge:  (Online Casino) House Edge is the cut that the Casino retains as a percentage of each bet. The House Edge is the difference between the probability of an outcome (the true odds) and the odds offered to players by the Casino. It is the Casino’s inbuilt advantage and it can differ between different casino games.

Live Dealers:  (Online Casino) In order to recreate a more authentic Casino experience many online casinos have table games in which there are real dealers, filmed live, dealing at a simulated land-based casino. Players can interact with the dealer via live video stream.

Odds:  (Online Casino/Sports Betting) The Odds inform players of the probability that a certain outcome may occur. In Online Casinos, the Odds will be given in the form of a percentage or ratio of the money that could be won to the bet place, whilst many sportsbooks using decimal odds.

Payline: (Online Slots) The line on a slot machine window on which the symbols from each reel must line up in order to win. Slot machines may have as many as 20 paylines, whilst classic versions may have only one.

Payout Percentage:  (Online Casino) The Payout Percentage is the percentage of total money bet that is returned to players. (e.g. if the Payout Percentage at a particular online casino is 96% for every dollar bet, 96 cents are paid out as winnings). The Payout Percentage is much higher at online casinos than at land-based casinos.

Progressive Jackpot:  (Online Casino) A Progressive Jackpot is a feature mainly found on Slot games which offers enormous Jackpot prizes to players. As the name suggests, the Progressive Jackpot is a pot of money which progressively grows larger and larger as more money is put into the game. The Jackpot is triggered when a player hits a very specific and difficult to achieve combination. Life-changing sums of cash can be won – sometimes as much as CAD$23 million.

Table Games:  (Online Casino) Table Games are online versions of games you’d find played on a table at a land-based casino, including Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Baccarat and Roulette.

Weekly Promotions:  (Online Casino/Sports Betting) Weekly promotions are often offered by Casinos and Sports Betting sites to add an extra element of excitement and to give players opportunities to win extra cash. and include special offers as: prize draws, free tournament entry, huge jackpots and deposit match bonuses.

NetEnt launches Mobile Live Blackjack

NetEnt Mobile Blackjack LiveFrom this month onwards, Swedish online casino games software specialist, NetEnt, is offering its Live Dealer Casino players a revolutionary new product, Mobile Standard Blackjack. As the name implies, this ground-breaking technology offers players a more immersive mobile Blackjack experience as the company introduces its latest addition to its stable of Live Dealer Casino games with a mobile-first version of the table game classic.

Unique Features of Mobile Standard Blackjack

At first glance, its obviously apparent that with their new Mobile Standard Blackjack game, the NetEnt development team is aiming to revolutionise the way players access Live Dealer Blackjack games and the way they are beginning to play across their multiple handheld devices.

With HTML5 gameplay features and a unique touch point table setup, NetEnt Live Mobile Standard Blackjack immerses players into the heart of the casino environment – from the palm of their hand whether they are relaxing at home on the sofa, playing a quick hand or two during intermission break between periods in an ice hockey game or on train on the way to/from work.

Thanks to the design of the table’s close angle, players are closer to the dealer and the game action than they ever have been before. Their chips are simulated on the table, whilst significantly upgraded streaming facilities ensure all the action is captured in stunningly clear visual quality.

Mobile Standard Blackjack delivers players a tactile feel with its re-imagined and ergonomically designed betting flows, and players will also be able to view all bets and actions making gameplay a more intuitive experience. New interactive features such as pre-decision and sidebets assist in ensuring it’s the most player-friendly and immersive Blackjack experience we’ve yet seen.

This NetEnt Game was Born from Player Feedback

With this stunning mobile-first Blackjack game development, NetEnt is continuing on with its rapidly paced and single-minded mission to develop unparalleled live casino experiences that are not only available on mobile devices, but specifically designed for intuitive mobile play with its increasingly mobile players in mind.

The company works very closely with their casino partners and players alike, by responding to a quickly changing industry and looking to develop products that tap into players’ real needs, demands and requirements.

According to Henrik Fagerlund, NetEnt’s Chief Product Officer, newly optimised and custom-built features available at their Mobile Standard Blackjack tables will largely respond to these needs and demands. Mr Fagerlund continued;

“We are now extending our mobile live casino portfolio and are very excited with the results. Our mission is to develop the player’s favourite mobile live casino, together with our customers.

“Our team has designed the game based on insights from real players, their needs and demands. Players can now enjoy this game like ever before and we’re sure that with our custom-built and optimised features, Mobile Standard Blackjack will be a successful addition to our customer’s live casino offerings with unique opportunities to strengthen every customer’s exclusive brand.”

Industry leading Innovation

Simultaneously, from an industry point of view, the expanded NetEnt Live Mobile Blackjack game offering will help online casinos in general attract even more players, better cater to the existing customers and evolve even better Live Dealer Games moving forward. Developing better customer experiences in the mobile online casino sector should enable each of their partner casinos to further strengthen their exclusive brands and player networks.

NetEnt is already famous in the world of online slots and has an excellent reputation in Live Dealer Games too. Already in their Live Dealer game stable, you can find games such as Live French Roulette, Live Blackjack HD, Live Common Draw Blackjack, Live Blackjack Pro and many others. This latest ground-breaking addition also puts more pressure on NetEnt’s Live Dealer Casino software developer competition to respond in kind. In this current environment of high level competition, it is we, the Live Dealer Casino players, who stand to benefit most as the standard of games continues to improve at an exponential rate.

Why did NetEnt Begin the Live Dealer Mobile Revolution with Blackjack?

Every game in a Live Dealer Casino has a built-in advantage for the house, known as the ‘house edge’. If you want the best chance of winning though, the game you should turn your attention to is Online Blackjack. The house has a slightly less than 1% advantage in Blackjack, meaning Blackjack should typically yield the most reliable amount of profit for the player over the long term.

Quite simply put, it’s a very wise decision from NetEnt to begin with Blackjack for its Mobile-First game development. They are starting from the top down. Professional players will tap into the innovation first and the popularity to the general online player community will filter down at a rapid rate.

However, be warned, Blackjack games do require a certain level of skill, or at least, a certain level of familiarisation with the rules. Be sure to check out our Blackjack Guide and/or take advantage of a free play practice session option at great online casinos like Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune, Betway, Royal Vegas, 888 Casino, Jackpot City and William Hill.

Where to Play

As for NetEnt’s new ‘Mobile Standard Blackjack’, click here to view a video demonstration version.

Online Casinos that operate NetEnt’s superb selection of Live Dealer Games in their Live Dealer Casinos include the fun and party-themed Karamba Casino and the slick and smooth, 888 Casino.