“Two for the Money” – Best Sports Betting Movie Ever?

Hollywood has churned out many great movies about sports, and probably even a larger number about casino gambling and poker. “Two for the Money” has both of them, and also a galaxy of acting talent in both Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey and a star sexy turn from the ever reliable and sultry Rene Russo. Its our humble opinion that ‘Two for the Money is the quintessential sports betting movie and the best movie ever to cover the topic.

A Rollicking Sports Betting movie ride

Whilst it’s now more than a decade old, Actor-Come-Director D.J. Caruso’s 2005 tale “Two for the Money” has become somewhat of a movie classic, loved by sports betting aficionados, film critics and moviegoers alike. Since going to DVD and then on high rotation at movie sharing sites like Netflix, “Two for the Money” has developed a cult following as the best ever film on the topic of sports betting.

Sports betting in the United States has been firmly entrenched in the news cycle the last few months following the U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalise sports betting back in May 2018. Following the decision, “Two for the Money” is winning a brand-new generation of fans as the once taboo topic of sports betting becomes much more accepted in mainstream society.

However, why exactly is ‘Two for the Money so good? Let’s take a closer look.

“Two for the Money” has dual star power in Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey

The Sports Advisors

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like Academy Award winning actors like Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey trading barbs and witticisms of snappy dialogue in a high quality and well written drama?

Proving he’s always worth betting on, Pacino turns in one of his best ever screen performances as Walter Abraham, the king of a sports betting empire. Pacino’s Walter is instrumental in turning McConaughey’s, Brandon Lane (a former college football star) into the greatest sports predictor of his generation.

It is all outrageous dialogue, snappy direction, stunning acting and an energy that just will not give up or slow down. The great performances and relenting pace of ‘Two for the Money’ will draw you in and keep entranced throughout, however, what is “Two for the Money” all about?

How to pick Winners – The main theme of “Two for the Money”

John Anthony

McConaughey’s well-played Brandon Long has suffered a failed sports-hero life. He first got into sports to win his father’s attention and as a result it became the centre-piece of his life, despite his father abandoning the family when Brandon was still a child.

Brandon went on to become a superstar college football player until an important game in college, where he suffered a career-ending injury. With dreams of professional football and an NFL career now gone, Brandon is a small time, country town 900-number voice actor.

The twist in Brandon’s life occurs when an opportunity arises for Brandon to start recording a sports pick 900 number, delivering his game picks each week. As we already know, sports have been Brandon’s life and it is no surprise to discover that Brandon has quite the knack of picking the winners from any number of sports, although football is his passion.

His uncanny ability to pick winners attracts the attention of Pacino’s Walter, who runs a big-time business giving advice to sports bettors, and makes a handsome profit by advising his gamblers to bet more and more money. With Brandon’s prodigious talent at picking winners, Walter decides to build his entire future empire around the young man.

Brandon moves to New York and into an apartment in Walter’s building, where he spends all his time doing his sports homework, picking winners for Walter’s clients at an unprecedented rate, and working out constantly. Walter gives him a haircut, a wardrobe, a sports car and puts him on TV, and Brandon promptly obliges one weekend by correctly calling 12 games out of a possible 12, making Walter an absolute fortune.

Walter decides on an alter-ego for Brandon, “John Anthony,” with a slicked-back haircut and designer suits, and, being quite the naïve country boy at heart, Brandon preposterously believes that the gorgeous girl that Walter ‘purchases’ for him one evening is actually his real girlfriend.

However, all is not what it seems. Walter has a plethora of ulterior motives, which he hides from Brandon. Walter is actually a former gambling addict himself, now looking to apply all his positive energies on his recovering junkie and beauty salon owner wife Toni (who is superbly played by Rene Russo) and their six-year old daughter.

Eventually of course, Brandon’s ‘John Anthony’ begins to make losing picks, all hell breaks loose and things begin to unravel at a rate of knots.

We’re not going to give you the entire plot, however, suffice to say that the closing twists and turns abound at a rate faster the movie’s snappy dialogue, to produce an outcome that is as exciting as it is unexpected.

9-out-of-10 from our in house panel of gambling movie critics!

Sports Betting in the Real World

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