Bizarre and Weird Casino Superstitions

Chances are, when playing an online slots machine, you essentially are fully aware and know empirically and logically that the slots are calibrated and computer controlled and that there is nothing you can do in order to increase your chances of winning.

Some might play for an hour or two without a reasonable-sized win whilst others, such as the very, very lucky British soldier, Jonathon Heywood won over CAD$23 million on one spin of Mega Moolah at Betway. When its time for your numbers to come up, they simply come up

However, empirical evidence alone doesn’t stop some players from doing every bizarre thing they possibly can to improve their chances at winning whilst playing at an online casino. Let’s take a look and who knows, maybe you have your own superstitions to add to our wacky list?

Stay away from Dogs

Are you reading this before heading to your favourite Online Casino for a progressive slots session? Is your dog nearby or even sitting at your feet? If this superstition holds true, you better put the dog out before continuing. This superstition implies that gambling near a dog is serious bad luck. We have no idea how this superstition started, but there are quite a few people that say gambling near a dog is bad luck. I wonder if they guy who painted the famous ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ was aware of this?

Luck and Numbers

Playing at an online casino is all about hitting the right numbers and making the right calculations that suit your style in your chosen game. Many players, however, believe some numbers to be lucky and some to bring bad luck. Moreover, the luck of some numbers switches between different cultures. For instance, in Western cultures, the number 7 is considered very lucky while number 13 is apparently downright spooky.13 in Asian cultures is considered incredibly lucky. 8 in Chinese represents fortune and is also a symbol of eternity. This is exactly why the Beijing Olympic Games began on 8/8/2008 at 8.08pm precisely.

Many cultures have associated different meanings to the digits depending on their traditions or language. In Macau, players usually don’t start like to start with a four as the number sounds a lot like the Cantonese word for “die.” Similarly, three and multiples of three have a mystic meaning attached to them across many cultures.

Red Underwear Power

According to legend, the Chinese consider the colour red to be a representation of good fortune and joy. In keeping to this legend, it is said that if you want to have great financial success in an online casino that you should wear red clothes, or better still, wear red underwear, while playing to greatly increase your chances of success.

The Lucky Bag

This superstition has its origins in African-American folk magic from the early nineteenth century, where people tried to harness their mojo and put it in a bag. Players will have a red flannel bag and fill it with lucky objects and amulets (what better place to put your rabbit’s foot or four leafed clover), as well as herbs and minerals. If done correctly, it is said that the bag will bring the user good fortune. One important fact to note. To be fully effective, and provide the maximum amount of good luck, the flannel bag is supposed to be hidden on your person. Never reveal your lucky bag to the world though. Apparently, if revealed, your luck may turn out to be all bad!

Bizarre Thai Superstition

If you happen to have a spare penis medallion lying around your house, why not try what the Thai’s do. Wear your penis medallion tied around your waist inside your clothes next time you play your favourite Live Video Poker game at an online casino.

According to Thai culture and tradition, these phallic pendants known as “Palad Khik” are used to supposedly help men to attract good fortune) so Thai men traditionally commonly adorn one while having a wager. The Thais don’t only believe the medallions will boost their fortunes. The medallions are also believed to make Thai men irresistible to women.

The revered penis amulets are believed to have originated in India before being imported to Thailand by Cambodian Buddhist monks. Traditionally made out of bone, wood, horn or metal, they are various sizes (proving once-and-for-all that size doesn’t matter) and come with all kinds of inscriptions and designs from elephants, dragons and Buddhas. Why not head to the markets and get a Palad Khik on your next trip to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket to wear whilst playing your favourite online casino?

Smoking Vultures Brains

According to ancient South African beliefs, smoking vulture brains will supposedly bring good luck by giving the smoker the power to see the future. This traditional African medical practice is called ‘muti’ (or what Westerners may refer to as ‘voodoo magic’) The brains of the endangered vulture are dried, ground and finally smoked in cigarettes.

The ancient ritual has been transferred into modern society in South Africa. Modern day players in South Africa smoke the bird’s brains in the hope that it’ll enable them to choose winning lottery numbers, foresee a big progressive jackpot about to strike in an online casino or predict the outcome of sporting events. Consequently, the dried brains are in such incredibly high demand that the vultures are now on the endangered species list in South Africa. Who foresaw that I wonder?

Have a haircut……or not?

Lastly but by no means least, many players in India believe strongly that personal grooming has a direct influence on luck. Ancient Hindu superstitions prescribe that having your hair cut on a Tuesday will bring you nothing but bad luck. Indian gamblers will steer well clear of the barber’s shop on Tuesday before hitting the online casino on their mobile phone or placing a bet of any kind at all.

Do you have a superstition that didn’t make our list?