6 Biggest Jackpots Won on Hall of Gods


Over the years, NetEnt, one of the world’s leading software developers of digital gaming solutions and online casino games, has provided many lucky players the ideal opportunity to win life altering jackpots on their online progressive slot, Hall of Gods.

Closing out 2017 with a Hall of Gods payout of a monster CAD $12.1 million win on 20 November, NetEnt finalised their online progressive payouts for 2017 with CAD$ 115 million paid out in jackpots for the 12 months of the calendar year.

The 6 largest Hall of Gods Jackpots of All-time

  1. CAD $12.15 million – Anonymous Winner – 18 April 2015.
  2. CAD $12.1 million – Neil, Aberdeen, Scotland – 17 November 2017.
  3. CAD $11.85 million – Anonymous Winner – 08 February 2012.
  4. CAD $11.62 million – Anonymous Winner – 03 December 2015.
  5. CAD $11.61 million – Anonymous Winner, Norway – 15 June 2017.
  6. CAD $11.47 million – Anonymous Winner – 28 October 2016.

As you can see, the big money has been won 3 times in the past 15 months. More people are playing Hall of Gods and the progressive jackpot is growing larger faster. At the time of writing, Hall of Gods Jackpot is standing at a little of CAD $8 million. It literally could go off at any time.

Hall of Gods Full Jackpot History

Hall of Gods Jackpot History

About Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods is an online progressive jackpot slot and a popular part of NetEnt’s jackpot network. In Hall of Gods, players come face-to-face with Norse mythology in a 5-reel Triple Jackpot game featuring the Midgard Serpent in the expanding wild, and Odin’s ravens on the scatter symbol.

NetEnt range of online progressive slots offers some of the online casino industry’s largest global online jackpots. With this latest mega-jackpot win in November 2017, Hall of Gods saw its second mega jackpot in less than six months, after a Norwegian player celebrated a multi-million dollar win a mere five months previously in June 2017.

Hall of Gods Touch – Boasting NetEnt’s Touch Technology

The mobile play of Hall of Gods Touch is now identical to desktop versions. Through NetEnt Touch technology, equivalent game rules, identical game play and payout percentages and high-quality HD and 3D graphics and animations are available on mobile devices. As the Touch name implies, games can be played smoothly with the touch screen of your device.

Hall of Gods Mobile

As Online Casino Smartphone use now comprises approximately 46% of the Canadian online casino market, NetEnt has become THE industry leader in the development of mobile platforms for gaming. All new release NetEnt games including Hall of Gods are designed for mobile play, and are fully-compatible with Apple iOS and all Android operating systems for smartphone and tablet use.

Hall of Gods Touch – Cutting Edge HTML5 Game Technology

In the beginning, NetEnt provided their games in download versions only. To access NetEnt’s games, online players had no other choice but to download and install software in order to play online casino games.

Fortunately, by 2018, most online players have access to high-speed internet connections and can conveniently play games directly in their web browsers.

If you have an average broadband speed or better, Hall of Gods and Hall of Gods Touch are available to play directly online in HTML5 format without any need to download any software.

Hall of Gods Jackpots and Where to Win

As with most NetEnt online progressive slots, Hall of Gods has an average payout that the jackpot reaches before it is hit, yet Neil from Aberdeen won CAD $2.56 million more than the average.

There are two main reasons for this larger jackpot. June to November of course, is a longer than usual period between jackpot wins and since the last big win, Hall of Gods profile has soared.

It’s becoming almost an essential for an Online Casino to include Hall of Gods in their list of online games. More and more of the best and most reputable online casinos are looking to include Hall of Gods in their game line-up including some of the latest additions in William Hill Casino and Karamba Casino.

As well as Hall of Gods, NetEnt offers pooled jackpots on Mega Fortune and Arabian Nights. Mega Fortune has already set a Guinness World Record for a record-breaking payout on an online slot machine of CAD $30.7million in January 2013.

How often is Hall of Gods jackpot won?

On average over a 365-day period since Hall of Gods’ introduction, the Progressive Jackpot has been won once every 168 days. Whilst you never can truly know for sure when the jackpot is going to be hit, online slot players who enjoys playing in a strategic way generally keep a track of time gone by since the last big win and use it to determine when to next sit down to play Hall of Gods.

Hall of Gods – Basic Symbols

As you might expect from a Scandinavian games developer like NetEnt, Hall of Gods is, as the name suggests, is a game fit for the gods. The Gods in Hall of Gods are of Scandinavian origin from the Northern Realms of Europe and game play is based on a Nordic theme.

The mystical music and sound effects effectively transport you back to a different time and place. Nordic atmosphere aside, your assigned task to win is to defeat the evil dragon with the aid of several notable Nordic gods such as Freya, Loki and Odin. The reel symbols themselves consist of all the weapons you’ll need to get to the massive Hall of Gods jackpot pools such as Thor himself, hammers and even black ravens.

Arguably, perhaps no other online progressive slot has had such faithful adherence to historical legend. Hall of Gods refers us to Asgard – a house with 540 rooms in which the Scandinavian gods lived. These Gods are the protagonists in the online slot and they occupy the onscreen playing field from the first few seconds on;

  • One is a gray-haired supreme God – a shaman and a wise man – who travels on an eight-legged horse accompanied by two crows, wielding the magical ring of Draupnir.
  • Thor is a red-bearded giant and Odin’s son, He is seen riding in the sky in a chariot and defeating enemies with the magical hammer of Mjolnir.
  • Freya is the Goddess of Love. She wears the necklace of Brisingamen, making its possessor the most beautiful woman known to man.
  • Loki is a cunning prince who builds plots for the Gods and is a skilful warrior with the staff of Chitauri as his chosen weapon.
  • Idun is the Goddess of Eternal Youth. Through the use of her magical ‘juvenile apples’ she provides the Gods with eternal youth.

The Gods share the screen with all their magical tools, weapons and all other iconic paraphernalia. Here is a quick preview of the winning symbols that you’ll be on the watch for whilst playing Hall of Gods;

Hall of Gods pay table

Hall of Gods Game Play

Hall of Gods features a triple threat of huge payouts;

  • Wilds on reels 2, 3, or 4 can become expanding wilds and be used to complete wins.

Hall of Gods Wild

  • Scattered crow symbols provide players with a set of free spins at a 3x multiplier.

Hall of Gods Scatter

  • Best of all the features, the Hall of Gods Bonus feature allows players win jackpots in excess of millions, and all you are required to do is secure 3 scattered Bonus hammers.

Hall of Gods Bonus Features

Naturally, betting more and larger amounts increases your chances of hitting one of the three jackpots. However, every spin, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, is eligible for the enormous payouts on offer. If you are bold and brave enough to face its Nordic God inhabitants, the Hall of Gods can be a truly life-changing, multi-million dollar winning experience. Try it out for yourself today at William Hill Casino and Karamba Casino.

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